All dogs and cats descend from a long line of hunters. The key to their survival was a varied diet rich in complex nutrients – including beneficial phytonutrients in the diets of their prey.

But that’s not the case today…

Most pets eat a diet that is highly processed. Even reputable brands made from top-of-the-line ingredients can lose nutritional value on the road to becoming kibble or canned food.

When you choose a Standard Process whole food supplement, you’re providing your pet with essential nutritional complexity. It offers whole body support: an excellent nutritional foundation, joint health for our aging pets and general support for all body systems. All formulas are appropriate to give daily and are  uniquely formulated for both dogs and cats.

We offer a full line of whole food supplements to help meet your pet’s specific nutritional requirements. We all want what is best for our pets so ask us which products are best for your pet.