A while back, I had an interesting conversation with a contractor. He shared just how critical every step of the process of building a house is. There is the blueprint, the foundation, the framing, and the finishing, just to name a few.

One time in particular, he shared that in the process of building this large home, one of the corners of one room ended up being off by just under an inch. The problem was that it got overlooked. The builders continued to build upon that seemingly small mistake. They built, and built, and built, until before they knew it, areas of the uppermost parts of the house were showing significant signs of misalignment.

They had to halt progress. They had to go back and look over all the areas around that problem area for the small problem that lead to the larger problem. Eventually they found the corner in the room that didn’t “square up.” They had to go through the process of tearing down framed walls and constructed areas until they could address the initial problem. Once they were able to make that adjustment, the rest of the project fit together as it was intended from the beginning. The walls meshed, the roof was able to go on, and everything started to move in a healthy direction again.
The contractor mentioned that sometimes the mistake is even more minor. In that case, they can adapt around the mistake. Those end up being errors that usually only the builders ever know about. Other errors though require a halt in production to make sure everything is squared up.
I remember thinking that less than one inch of error in a several thousand square foot floor plan was large enough to halt production. And then I thought of the human structure and frame.

When there is a segment of your spine that gets out of alignment by even millimeters, it can be sufficient enough to cause stress on nerves that can lead to bigger problems. Initially the problem may seem rather insignificant, until you continue moving, and working, and playing, and resting on that seemingly small problem. That stress starts to build, and build, and build until you either start to notice something in your body isn’t working right, or you have pain. That is when most people stop all that they are doing and start to seek some sort of solution to their problem, not realizing that in most cases, the big problem started as a very small one.

These are the golden moments of the benefits of chiropractic care. When you keep under regular spinal care, it gives your chiropractor an opportunity to seek out those small “misalignments” that can lead to bigger problems. That is when you receive the chiropractic adjustment, a powerful event that allows your structure to have its best chance at living “squared up!”