While I was back in Pennsylvania in the middle of January some years ago, I couldn’t help but notice an interesting detail about nature. Where the ponds and the lakes were frozen over, the Yakagany River was still fluid and still moving.

Now most people know the reason why. Because there is motion in the running river, it makes the water in the river much more difficult to freeze over. The sedentary waters of the nearby ponds and lakes however don’t have the benefit of constant motion. When the temperature drops, they always will freeze over before the flowing water does, usually way before the flowing waters will.

There is something powerful and alive about motion. It’s the first indicator of life over death. The chest moving up and down, the heart beating and lungs breathing. It’s the living that walk up to the stationary open casket to view a loved one that has moved on, not the other way around.
The lesson is simple. Stay moving. That means looking for ways to exercise each day. Find ways to push off the recliner and push yourself to go on daily walks. Turning on your muscles and turning off the television. Find ways to challenge yourself and find yourself friends to help keep you motivated and accountable.

When your body stays sedentary and the colder days come, prepare for the arthritis to set in freezing your joints in unhealthy ways. Yet when the colder days come and you have found ways to model the ever flowing rivers in life by keeping healthy motion in your body and your joints, then it will be more difficult for time and degeneration to slow you to a stop.

Does that make sense? It sure does in nature.

When the tougher, more challenging days come, those that have better motion in their habits, their spine, their joints, their exercise, their life…will be harder to slow them down.

Those that are already living life with no activities, no exercise, no motion and no chiropractic will unfortunately come to a “frozen” stop, way too easily in life’s endeavors.

Ultimately, what does that mean? What you decide today makes dividends of a difference tomorrow in your life. Move or not move. It’s your body. It’s your decision.