There was once a bicycle tire that had a bend around it’s frame. It would sit next to the wall where many that passed by could see it sitting there as if it played a task in holding up the wall. There were many conversations that people had as they passed by the tire against the wall. They would briefly discussed what was the possible story behind the tire and what could solve it’s dilemma.

You see, the tire had lost it’s ability to function within it’s design. The cause of this dysfunction was due to the fact that an accident had left it’s frame out of alignment. Yet, many people that passed by had other notions as to how to successfully help this tire. There were several trains of thought on the subject.

Some said that all that the tire needed to get back on the roll would be to get some exercise. Some of the people that passed by even brought their own bike and put the tire on the front and attempted to ride it for several miles. Unfortunately this only appeared to make the problem worse, and strained the rider.

Some said that all that the tire needed was better air in the tire. The problem was clearly a chemical issue. The air has been so stagnant in the tire that it caused the caused the tire to not function properly. Let’s take the bad, stagnant air out and put new, refreshing air back into it. That should fix it. But it didn’t.

The third prevailing thought was that the tire perhaps just needed to take a break. It needed to rest. Yet, that theory kept becoming more and more speculative as each further day that they would walk past the tire, it didn’t change. Not one bit. Resting it didn’t address and fix the problem.
Finally an individual came across the tire and noticed that the tire was holding itself in a poor alignment, he took the tire to someone that he knew that specialized in restoring alignment to the tire. After the tire was brought back into a healthy alignment, it was placed back onto a bicycle and began being used again for the function that it was designed. It had purpose again.

You see, structure does impact function. If you, like the tire, find yourself not functioning in a healthy fashion, have your alignment checked out by a professional, by a chiropractor. You could spend a lot of time, money, and suffering exploring other avenues to try and fix the problem, but if your structure is off, then the only sensible option might be the most obvious one.