I met a man who shared that he went to church once for a whole month, and that it was 40 years ago. He shared that it helped some, but that he never went back. All the benefits he hoped to get were lost and he continued to struggle and suffer over the last 40 years in ways that may have been helped if he would have only tried church a bit more.

How many people start the new year wanting to lose weight, work at a plan for a few weeks and then get busy with life and go back to whatever habits they own, or own them.

How many people buy a membership at a local fitness club, get really excited, go for three or four weeks and then start missing and soon – go no more.
The benefits people speak of, and say they want, take commitment. It may start with a choice, but results occur when people stay the course.

This last week, we were able to take several post x-rays of people that have stayed under care for at least three months. In each case very exciting changes had occurred to their spine and joints. These changes will create a health benefit that they will get to enjoy over the next 20 years. It is so much bigger then just PAIN.

Hope everyone got something out of Church this last Sunday, I sure did.