“I have been a patient of Premier Chiropractic for well over a year now.  Between the chiropractic, nutrition and message therapy, I have been impressed with the results.  My overall health is so much better due to better knowledge of what my body needs to function properly.  I was diagnosed with ITP last year and after the run with different medicine to help treat it, Dr. Bruce Wahler put together natural vitamins that would help support my immune system instead of tearing it down.  Not only that, he put me on a purification diet that helped my body to heal itself, going from a low platelet count of low 20’s up  to normal range in the 140’s within 8 days of the diet.  By the time I was 3 weeks on the diet, my platelet level hit 270’s.  I know this wasn’t a treatment, it was simply an examination of the problem and what organs are involved.  Dr. Bruce did the research and helped my body do what it’s suppose to do.  The amazing part, is simply by making healthier choices, keeping my body aligned and getting messages from time to time, I maintain a healthy body and can live more stress free.  The thing I love most about Premier Chiropractic is how real the Dr’s are.  They take care in looking at the individual and seeing what works for you and not just basing it on an average.  If you are looking for great care for your body, this is the best place to go.”

– Jamie Byers | Premier Chiropractic, Nutrition and Message Patient

“Due to a fall in the park my lower back and hips were in excruciating pain, to the point that I was unable to walk without a cane. I’m so grateful; this chiropractic team really fixed my back, that after just three treatments my low back pain started to get better and I no longer needed to walk with a cane. Dr. Bruce and Dr. Suzanne have made a huge difference in my life and I would without hesitation recommend them to anyone who is looking for a chiropractic team that will actually help you! My mother is also a patient of thiers.”

– Faith B.| Premier Chiropractic Patient

“My daughter recommended that I should go see Dr. Bruce and Dr. Suzanne, and I’m so glad that I did. My lower back and hip has bothered me for years. Prior to seeing these doctors I went through the process of pain medication and physical therapy without any help at all. I’m in better shape than ever without medication since I’ve been under their care. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the past 50 years and these Doctor’s are amoung the best that I have been to. They even got rid of my foot pain!”

– Beverly B.| Premier Chiropractic Patient

“When I called Premier Chiropractic for an appointment I basically cound not walk with one of my legs due to severe pain in my back. They got me right in for an appointment that same day. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was a little bit apprehensive. I was unable to walk into their office due to the severe pain, but an hour later I was able to walk out without any help at all! Dr. Bruce examined me, took x-rays and explained what was going on and what was needed to get my back better. It was a wonderful experience. Both Dr. Bruce and Dr. Suzanne truly care for their patients and are very compassionate and thoughtful.”

– Nichole P.| Premier Chiropractic Patient

“I fell off a horse in 2008 and injured my neck and back. For nearly two years I had lived with constant pain with restricted movement in my neck and very limited ability lifting due to my low back pain. My quality of life, sleeping, driving and working became a real challange. For two long years with prescribed pain medication, muscle relaxers and physical therapy there was little to no change to my condition. My medical doctor had to constantly increase my pain medication doses to be effective. I had to be vigilant to take my meds before all physical activities just to be able to function and get through the day.
I am so happy that I went to see Dr. Suzanne at Premier Chiropractic. She has helped me so much so that I no longer have to take muscle relaxers or pain killers on a regular basis just to get through the day. I can turn and move my neck without pain and can do most of the physical activities I use to do without pain and regretting it later! If you have never been to a chiropractor give it a try, you will love it. Dr. Suzanne is compassionate and knowledgeable, give her a try, you will not be disappointed. I love this practice, I’m very sad that I’ll be moving in the near future.”

– Jessica C.| Premier Chiropractic Patient


"I had waited so long to eat healthy. Dr. Suzanne ignited that passion in me, and also my husband, to once and for all to get started with an easy to follow eating plan. The Purification Program gave me the knowledge on eating better and provided a healthier lifestyle that has changed my life! I am now aware of the right food that I put into my mouth and can make better choices in the food that I eat. Best of all on the 21 day program I lost 3 inches in my bust, waist and hips and food tastes so much better. I have so much more energy. As long as I follow the principles that Dr. Suzanne taught me, I'll be able to continue feeling great."

- Vicki W./ Premier Nutrition Patient

"I needed to eat better and lose weight. I struggled to keep my blood pressure down and had no energy. After the Purification Program my husband and I were able to do the yard work that we thought we were going to have to hire someone to do because we were to the point we couldn't anymore; I am feeling younger! Because of the weight that I lost on the 21 Day Purification Program several things have occurred: My neck doesn't get in the way when I read, I can zip up a coat that I have not been able to in many years, and my grandkids (independently) while hugging me were so excited because they could hug all the way around me!! Just Do It!"

- Suzanne C./Premier Nutrition Patient

"On the Purification Program my Cholesterol dropped to 189, the lowest it has been in years! I lost inches and weight! I'm lovin' it!"

- Rhonda H./ Premier Nutrition Patient

"After following the Purification Program I have more energy, can sleep better, my blood pressure dropped and I have lost weight and inches. My medical doctor is wowed. I have sleep apnea and on this program my neck dropped into the safety zone of normal 17 inches. The doctor was going to put me on a CPAP but held off because of my 16 pound weight loss. My doctor said that if I continue this progress for the next 6 months he's going to reevaluate if I even need a CPAP! This is awesome if you want to improve your health and lose weight."

- Don C./ Premier Nutrition Patient

"This 21 day Purification Program helped me get past my weight loss plateau. I am now back on the road to weight loss."

- Tony H....15 3/4 pounds lighter!!/Premier Nutrition Patient